Pencil Holder from Old Video

There is a really old Boing Boing video about the Glowforge where they show off a ton of things they made, they have a series of things that are layers plywood and acrylic. I love the designs, especially the pencil holder. Are there plans for that anywhere or more info on these? I can’t find anything else about them, and he mentioned a whole collection of them.

Here’s the video:

Is that Catan board available?


I think this is the plan for it:

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Thanks man!


Based on what I glimpsed, can’t answer anything about the official design, but it looks like a bunch of hexagonals (slight radius on corners) with circle cut out in the in center all stacked, and different materials used to create the stripes (and of course a solid hex for the base).

I, and I’m sure others, have done something similar stacking up rectangles w/ cut out center for a business card holder…

Be careful if you use this — there are a couple of mistakes in the exchange rates at the ports, iirc.

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