Pencil holding template

Hello all,
It has been some time but I remember someone sharing a template that holds #2 pencils so that they can be customized. Does anyone have that template I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Thanks so much for the help and support

Hey welcome!

Here’s the search you need:

It’s the second link from @marmak3261


Thank you so much for your help! I am looking forward to this project :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!

I also have a tutorial on Youtube. Jig is made at the same time.
Lithos and lasers
" How to engrave pencils with your Glowforge"
Also have a video on JIGs in general called " Creating a jig for your glowforge Lets get Jiggy"
Never buy a jig again.

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That is so incredibly helpful it will be a first for me so I am sure it will save me time and a lot of terrible pencils.

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