Pendant Lamp Beta


My most complex “from scratch” design so far–My own pendant lamp! It’s sized to fit the hanging bulb thingies from Ikea. I’m too lazy to go look up the catalog number right now, sorry!

I’m including a photo of the 3/4 scale cardboard prototype, because the real one doesn’t have all its fins yet (I had to stop and help Gkid with creating a sign for her bedroom). Also, the fins it does have are kind of an eclectic mix (I have a hard time making decisions :yum:) so I included it to show the overall shape a little better.

Obligatory American consumer warning: Those top points are SHARP. If you fumble and cut yourself I’m not accepting responsibility, so take proper precautions. Or file them. Or something.

Also, you’ll have to remove fins to replace the bulb. I like how the fins nearly meet at the bottom. So leave a couple unglued, if you’re the “glue it together” sort. :slight_smile:

Here’s the SVG:



Sweeeeet! (I like it in multi-materials too.) Great share! :grinning:


That is a very nice lamp, much better than the store bought ones. Thank you so much for the design!


I will add my thanks for sharing this wonderful project. :sunglasses:


Very Nice! and thanks!


Nice share! Thank you!


Thanks a ton…one of my goals too


Thanks for sharing, great design


What the what, how did I miss this? Nice!


I’ve actually never finished it! The ceiling light socket in my GF closet had some crappy old wiring, and shorted out when I jiggled it the wrong way changing the light bulb, so I stuck that light in there until I get around to replacing the fixture, and eventually it just kind of became part of the scenery, as so many of my unfinished projects do…(argh!) Also I’ve never really decided which version I like best…I’m leaning toward the plywood “fins,” I think.