Penny Hockey Game for Grandkids

This is the prototype made from Draftboard on the GlowForge and MDF cut on a CNC router.

Four Layers:
-1/8 inch Draftboard base cut on the GF
-1/8 inch Draftboard rink surface that sits on top of the base with the lines scored and the goals / player peg holes cut
-3/4 inch MDF boards cut on a CNC router, including the peg scoring holes
-1/8 Draftboard rink cap with the Detroit Red Winds text and logos

I used 3/4 inch MDF cut on a CNC router to avoid having to use an additional 6 sheets of 1/8 Draftboard to make the rink boards 3/4 inches tall. However, this entire project could be done on the GlowForge.

Future rinks will be made from white acrylic to better simulate the appearance of ice and the CNC part will use pine instead of MDF. I will also experiment with various goal sizes and may add additional players, possibly allowing each player to position two players in various locations to deflect the puck.

The SVG file is attached if you want to make your own. The Red Wings logo is registered so this should be for personal use only if you use the logo. The SVG file has the logo so you can either score or engrave it.

The original design was done in Inkscape, but the peg holes ended up being smaller than what showed in Inkscape. So, I brought the file into VCarve Pro and exported it as an SVG formal file. The peg holes ended up being the size I specified in the original design.

The four skaters for each team are 1/4 inch pegs while the goalies are 3/8 inch pegs. Holes were oversized slightly to allow for glue.

Post a photo if you use the file to make your own!!!

Have Fun!!! Stay Safe at Home!!!


1 Rink- outside size is 19 inches long and 10 inches wide.

2 Rink-Logo-The Winged Wheel is one of the best logos in sports.

3 Cutting dowel pegs in half so flat side sits in hole for stability.

4 A few coats of spray Shellac. May add a few coats of polyurethane to make the surface smoother if this prototype is used for an extended period of time.

5 Scoring Video

6 For you non-hockey aficionados, the puck (penny) must be entirely in the goal to score!!!

7 Hockey Master File-from Inkscape and VCarve (37.8 KB)
7 SVG Master File. I used this file to produce a separate GF file for each layer in the game. Stay safe and don’t let the Corona Virus put you in the Penalty Box!!!


Hey! Grandpa Rocks! Man, I wish my grandpa had a laser,


Lol!!! You should have invented a time machine when you were a kid so he could have gone to the future and gotten one!!!


This turned out great, and looks like lots of fun.


Sweeeet! :sunglasses: :+1:


That’s just super. The kids are lucky you’re there for them :slight_smile:




Looks great! Except you have the wrong logo in the center there…should def be an Avs logo😜


Lol!!! Remember Game 7 when Wings were playing Avs and Patrick Roy thought he stopped a shot and did his classic Statute of Libertypose But, the puck went in the net!!! Lol!!!

A good friend of mine was visiting Denver and went to an Avs-Penguins game. The crowd was chanting something that he didn’t understand so he asked one of the Avs fans what they were saying. The fan said they are chanting “Red Wings Suck” and the Red Wings were not even in town. Lol!!!


I have no idea what you’re talking about😂

I’m a CO native and hockey player-grew up in the Roy days. Went to an Avs Red Wings game with a college roommate and his dad, who was from Detroit. We sit down behind Roy and his dad says ‘these are great seats- we’ll be on the action side of the ice twice.’ I said no the Avs are on this si…oh…’:man_facepalming:

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Lol!!! Avs-Wings played some really great games and series!!!


The beauty of time machines is that it’s never too late…


That is the best line about time machines that I have ever heard!!!



Good way to keep the kids involved.


This is awesome! Can’t root for the Redwings, but still awesome!!


Looks great! Fun times ahead!

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