Pentatonic scale xylophone


A pentatonic scale xylophones I made from
Purpleheart :slightly_smiling_face:


We need an audio file now!



You asked for it !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It sounds great! :relaxed:


Thanks :grin:


Wow, thanks for the video! I really enjoyed it, and the notes are so pretty. How does the tonal quality of the purple heart compare to other instrument woods, like rosewood or Sitka spruce?


That is super. Great sound and demo. The purple heart sounds very nice. Good possibility for the Glowforge. Mind is spinning.


OK, that was so cool. I learned how one tunes them, which is pretty interesting to me. Not that I make instruments myself (I am tone deaf, but used to be one hell of a sound engineer and could detect even the slightest imperfection in tuning) but since many of the things I will make with the GF will make noise (even unintentionally) learning about how one can tune vibrations can make a big difference in design.


Not sure I have not used those woods


Ghet ouht!!


Coming so late to this; but what an incredibly cool project!
I love it.
Thanks for sharing.


Definitely. I can say, as a musician, one tends to make instruments out of what they have handy. It can be anything. I remember making a harp-type guitar out of rubber bands and the styrofoam from the bottom of raw meat you get at the grocery store. Worked great! Couldn’t stay in tune for more than an hour though. Rubber bands make really horrible string instrument strings. :slight_smile: But I have no doubt that if I was stranded on an island, I’d have a functioning xylophone-style instrument in short order. I think it’d go “Food, shelter, instrument, radio transmitter.”

My point? I’ll be making something similar to this. No doubt. :slight_smile: