Perfect cart for glowforge!

Just wanted to share, I came across this product on ikea’s website… pretty spot on in dimensions! Plus looks sturdy, has shelves, and is on wheels!


@alicedebodesigns - The FLYTTA is a great find! (amazing match for the dimensions! I’ve been going nuts trying to find stuff that is 38" wide)

I’ve been looking at one of the Home Depot benches - width isn’t as on-the-nose (46") but I’m after open space underneath.

Your cart is very tempting though!


Unclear if you already have your Glowforge, but in case you didn’t. Most of the noise seems to be focused downwards and it “wiggles” quite a bit while cutting/scoring at high speeds. Both of these things might be unpleasantly accentuated by a thin metal table on casters.


@Xnit - I’m guessing you already have your unit ( 21 Minute Shipping! ) - what did you end up doing for a cart/table?

I bought the Harbor Freight 60” wooden workbench… works great with the GF and actually looks nice in the house.


I have a home built workbench from a while back. Sheet of 3/4 plywood cut in half and glued to form a 2x8x1.5 top on 2x4 frame

Sorta like this (random Google Image since I’m at work)

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@jjmacdougall how well does the HF workbench stand up to the movement of the glowforge? Any issues with it moving, rocking or noise amplification (as @Xnit implied might happen with the lighter weight carts) ?

The table weighs 105 pounds and you assemble it yourself (easy). It is well-braced and once bolted together it’s rock-solid. Rated for 250 lbs load. When the GF is in operation there is no movement of the table due to gantry motion or other vibrations. I have tile floors and I put some large self-adhesive felt pads on the legs to further isolate the table. I’m very happy with its GF-specific performance.


FWIW, I added that to a Harbor Freight shopping cart and let Wikibuy do its magic. It applied coupon code: 44122858, for a savings of $32 and an order total of $127.99.


I have that same HF work bench in my garage. It’s as solid as you can ask for! I added these casters to it. They’re easy to engage and there’s no worrying about wobbling when theyre disengaged.


Although I don’t use it for my GF, I have one of these and can’t say enough good things about it. I glued mine together in addition to the included hardware and it’s pretty much bomb-proof. The vice is crap, but I use it to clamp small projects from time to time just because it’s there.

For my GF, I cobbled together an IKEA table top and a set of adjustable office table legs – I’m about 5’ 6" and wanted to be able to keep my GF + filter at a comfortable height.

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what are the drawer sizes on that harbor freight table? rough guess from picture and top dimensions (60 x 20.5) would be 24 x 16 or so? maybe slightly larger? and how deep?

Just a smidge over 21" x 12" and 3" deep.

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so pretty much slightly larger than bed size. hrm.

I’ve had mine for a couple of years and the drawers are full of tools and 3D printing stuff. I bought an Alex drawer unit from IKEA a few weeks ago and it’s perfect for :proofgrade: and bed-ready materials – I plan to pick up another next time I go. $119 – what’s not to like?


I was thinking of this as well but putting casters on it.

I will second that. I use the draws for tools and measurement devices. The bottom shelf was supposed to be for material, but it accumulated things BEFORE Kòptis :glowforge: arrived. He is busy at this moment consuming Home Depot Basswood Plywood.


Not a budge. Although I did have to pull it out from the wall a bit to use the pass through to use 12x24 non-ProofGrade :proofgrade: material.


I got this cart on Amazon back when it was $160.

It’s very sturdy and easy to assemble/move about. I’m planning on arranging some sort of storage underneath, but we move a lot (we work in theater) so I wanted something more mobile than a large shelving unit.

As regards the harbor freight bench, yup, what everyone else says. It is rock solid. I don’t use it for my glowforge, but it is steadier than what I do use. I have no issues with what I use. As for the useless vice, I hang a plastic garbage bag from it, so it is not completely without a purpose. The drawers are a little cheap. I’m not sure I’d trust them with the weight of glowforge materials. Also, the slides are cheap. Overall though I’m very satisfied with it.