Perfect cut at the beginning of the day now not so much

I am incredibly pissed. So I got a new air assist fan a few weeks ago. Everything was amazing!
I even cut this, this morning

However about an hour later this happened

I did use a brush to wipe some dust off while the air assist fan was still moving but you don’t think that caused this? It also didn’t cut all the way through. I am extremely annoyed. I will be doing a cleaning tomorrow but seriously this is an expensive machine for it to make a mess like this. I have orders to fill and I need this too be on the ball!

Sigh sorry for venting I’m just really upset

Oh and just in case people were wondering I had the Glowforge on a baby monitor so I was watching it the whole time for flame ups

You might just need to clean your optics. That looks like MDF/draftboard, which gunks them up pretty quickly. (Make sure not to miss the one in the left side of the machine.)

It’s actually acrylic :frowning:

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Ah, that would explain the lack of wood grain. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Do you think crud could still be the problem? It wasn’t failing me earlier today

Not cutting through is always my first symptom of having waited too long to clean my optics, so it’s definitely worth a try.


I’ll try that! Fingers crossed

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I’m so sorry prints are not as you expected. @geek2nurse has some good advice.

I would like to check over just a few more things. Could you do the following for me?

Please post photos of all your cleaned optical components, with special attention to any damage you might find:

  • Both windows
    • The printer head window, on the left hand side of the printer head
    • The laser window on the inside left of the Glowforge
  • The printer head lens
    • Both sides of the lens, top and bottom
  • The mirror inside the printer head
  • The bottom of the printer head

Once we have those pictures, we’ll follow up with next steps.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email