Perfectly boiled eggs

I was experimenting recently with marking the surface of eggs, I noticed that the innards had actually started to cook so naturally I took this to it’s logicial conclusion, more info is on my blog


If one removed the inner contents through a small hole, do you think one could cut ornate patterns through the shell?

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April 1st? :joy:

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I think you probably could, even a low power cut etched quite deep into these eggs. I need to rescue a rotary attachment from the unit to try it for real.

I get the feeling that the Europeans still do the soft boiled eggs in egg cups much more than Americans do. But maybe it is just me and my family:

That’s a safe assumption. I’ve never even seen an egg cup except in those movies where the family has a butler.

Yeah, I have no idea where we even keep the egg cups, my butler totally put the egg onto it for me once I had lasered it appropriately :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, that’s great. I cook my boiled eggs in a low temp water bath; it would be fun to laser the shells for guests.

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The thought of eating a boiled egg from anything but an egg cup, frankly, boggles the mind!

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I have never even heard of an egg cup!

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