I am guessing this not a laser safe product.

I did not see anyone post it before. I was hoping to engrave some free samples I picked up at Home Depot.

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The hydrogen cyanide would be a pretty unnecessary risk IMO.


Don’t do it! Besides nasty, potentially lethal chemicals (cyanide as jbmanning5 noted), it’s laminated paper product, really. Can’t imagine it would give you decent results. And well, it looks like laminate, and feels like laminate–not worth the time even if it doesn’t kill you–or your neighbors getting the vented exhaust.

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Stick with the hardwood (and -if you can get- corian samples) from home depot. I doubt you can cut the samples -as is- with the :glowforge:, but I plane mine down and have had pretty good success. Otherwise you can still engrave them as coasters, etc (and still cut them with saws…