I made a simple periscope for my kids. As if they weren’t sneaky enough, now they can spy on me from around corners! This was my first time using mirror acrylic, it worked great for the periscope and cut perfectly. Still have most of the sheet left, I thought about making a 3-sided mirror box so they can explore symmetry in reflections or maybe a kaleidoscope … any other ideas?


Make a mirror w/display shelf for a darkish area of your house. Add a fancy frame cut from PG ply. Or, make the display/shelf in the corner, like a nook. Lots of ideas in scrollsaw books. Make holiday ornaments.

Oh, and cool practical cut, by the way.


Neat idea for a fun project. :grinning:

You need a submarine to go with the periscope. :slight_smile: Great project!


Fun! That is great idea. So simple! And simple really can get the imagination going. A few sneaky skills never hurt!


What a great learning tool for the kids!

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What awesome fun for kids! Well done!


I love how you made the mirrors slot into the outer walls. Very nice design!

Kaleidoscopes are super fun to laser cut. Mirror works great, but eventually for kaleidoscopes you’ll want “front surface mirror” – where the mirror is on the front rather than the back of the acrylic.

This “two sided mirror” from Canal Plastic, though expensive, works great for that! (Not to be confused with “see-thru / two-way mirror” which is used for making infinity boxes, also fun.)

I led a workshop where we played with laser cut acrylic mirror. The pictures might give you some ideas.


Yea, I noticed there was quite a thickness of clear acrylic before the mirror layer and wondered if there were any “thinner” mirrors, but “front surface mirror” is the term I needed. That workshop looked absolutely AMAZING, so many cool creations, thank you for sharing!

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