Perpetual Calendars and Stained Glass

Here is my first collection of the calendars. Making them for a store shelf I’m on. I love the glass ones. Especially the pink and white that I gifted to a friend. I bought the file on etsy and edited it for the glass. I have gotten many requests and ideas to change them up.

20181004_064941 20181004_064718


The glass looks very nice. A pleasant variety!


What a cool idea! I suppose you are etching the glass in the GF then color filling it? The calendars really came out nice.


Very nice! That red glass one is excellent with the cherry! :grinning:


Wow! I was impressed with the first one you showed us. Looks like it just keeps getting better!!! I don’t think I 'd be able to decide which I like best!

I know you’re selling these things, and I’m definitely not trying to copy any part your design. But I’m wondering if you wouldn’t mind sharing a couple of techniques? (Feel free to refuse my questions! I will not be offended if you want to hold onto your trade secrets!)

  • Curious how you colored. I’ve used acrylic paint pens, paint, and Sharpie, all with varied success. Wondering what you’re using here.
  • Also wondering about your stand. It looks like maybe you’ve used slots/tabs to create a frame to sandwich the calendar in. Is that right? If so, it looks like it’s supporting the calendar very well, considering how short the wall appears. Is the calendar slotted into the base as well? Or, how have your achieved the stability?

Yes, it is etched and color filled. I found a paint called FolkArt Enamel Glass & Ceramic Paint that works well on the glass.


The color is from FolkArt Enamel Glass & Ceramic Paint. It works really well and in a few days is permanent enough to put through the dishwasher.
The stand is two pieces that are glued to the inside that holds the piece of glass. It is pretty stable. I tried to glue pieces on top but the weight of the glass is too much for it to hold. By putting the pieces inside the pressure helps keep it together. It was much trial and error.

Some of them I had to glue one more piece in the middle too so the glass didn’t fall all the way through.


We can etch glass???


Neat! I made one but the number board slid back and forth while the outside stayed static. If you pick it up, it slides right out. I like the tooth idea.

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YES! There are quite a few posts about it. :grin:

There are so many variations. I saw one that is wood rings that spin around! Such creative stuff.


I’m planning on combining an Etsy design and a freebie design soon to make a teal acrylic and basswood perpetual calendar.


Definitely need pics when that one is done :slight_smile:


Definitely will!

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Wonderful work!

Look forward to seeing it!

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