Personal Air Filter Setting for new design? is one necessary?

Second day of use and the personal air filter does not work. Is there a setting when I create a new design to tell the air filter to start?

Contacted customer support, followed their recommendation to reset etc and still does not start.

Any ideas?

Feeling frustrated.


No, the filter operates independently, there is no interface between them. The only thing the setting in the UI does is disable the built in turbine engine.

If it fails to turn on automatically, you can press the button as a workaround. I think they’re still fine tuning the Bluetooth connection to work better for those of us with a lot of interference.


That would be a good trick. There is no bluetooth capability on the Glowforge control board. The only wireless interface is the TI18MODGB-05.

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They’re both talking about the Aura, which talks to the new Personal Air Filter via Bluetooth, not the original GFs.


That would have been a handy piece of information to include in the original post…

It is, in both the post title and body of original post “Personal Air Filter…”


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