Personal information changed by GF and breach

So many of you saw our struggle to get the prev owner of our GF that we bought off ebay to contact GF to get the ownership changed over.

GF finally got it done and we got all our info taken care off INCLUDING our credit card on file!

GF has NOW SWAPPED back the info to the prev owner including PASSWORD and has us listed as a “USER” but the original owner has control over it again as WELL AS OUR CREDIT CARD that was charged! What the HELL GF! Now we have to cancel that card and have it replaced. Thanks GF!

We bought and paid for it in fully off ebay and can provide proof!

They’re going to need to take care of this one off the boards since it deals with your personal information. Send them a direct email to .

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They failed to protect our personal information as well as there is an unauthorized charge from GF and if you go to our recent purchase there is no record! The support email address has given us very little response in the recent pass and it seems as if this section that opens a ticket is the only way to get any quick results. Thanks Jules.

No, they take things like this very seriously. Send them a direct email, clearly lay out what the problem is, providing the relevant information and dates, dollar amounts of the charges if necessary, the name of the person you purchased from, etc.

Give them what they need to track down what happened. And then be patient. It can sometimes take a little bit of time to track things like this down.

But yes, i would go ahead and cancel the card or dispute the charge if it wasn’t something you purchased.

They can’t do this one on the boards though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Considering they have a few emails from us trying to get ownership changed over as well as a closed ticket in this same section where we asked for help they have all the old owner and new owner info. Also because they removed our information from the ownership and put the old owners info back that shows they have that info as of yesterday.

This is unacceptable level of service. If someone buys a used car the DMV does not go back and reissue the title in the name of the prev owner after the new title for the new owners is issued!

We sent email and of course got the 3 days to reply blanket email which is unacceptable in this situation.

Also we received ZERO notification that they were in our account making any changes!

It’s Sunday, and I’m not sure that the support team is even in yet today. They do generally have someone checking on a daily basis though, so it should be seen promptly.

They process requests in the order that they are received, and with ten thousand units out there, you can imagine that there are usually quite a few questions/problems/concerns on a daily basis. Some are easy to fix, some require more research before they can be resolved, and some require that the team go in and start searching for bugs in the code.

If you take the time to provide the details of what happened for them, it keeps them from having to go and search through thousands of problem reports trying to find your issue, and put all the pieces together, before figuring out what action to take. Whenever I deal with anyone in any support situation, I give them as much information as I think they need to solve the problem, even if it’s a repeat of something that was said fifteen minutes ago in another place. If it keeps them from having to look it up, I get my answer sooner. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would think that a P&S issue titled “What the heck!” might not get attention any quicker than all the other reports. A more descriptive title like "Personal Information Breach! might serve you better.



Thanks for letting us know about this. Since this issue has to do with your personal account, we’re following up via email. I apologize for the frustration.

I’m going to close this thread, we’ve sent a reply to the message sent to us. If you don’t receive that message, please start a new topic.