Personalized Starbucks Coasters

I started working at Starbucks originally to burn time until I got my Glowforge Pro. It wasn’t prestigious by any means but I met some great people out of the experience that cared about knowing people and spreading joy just as much as I did. Ive since left that job to pick up serving at a steakhouse to get more moneys for my people skills. The people I work with constantly complain about who they serve and have terrible attitudes… made me miss the team I once belonged to so I made several barista friends unique coasters with personalized messages underneath… Let me tell yah… gifting them and watching the reaction was worth every penny I spent to get a Glowforge. Im the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. Thank you for creating this for all of us.

These are probably against copyright law but im not selling them so were good :stuck_out_tongue:



Totally cool! :grinning:


Love your attitude! Neat work and very thoughtful gift.


This is wonderful and beautiful :heart: Welcome to the club and keep spreading joy with your creations.


They look perfect! You have a great attitude—maybe you can help turn things around at your current workplace. Being around bad attitudes can be so soul-sucking.


Perhaps the best post I have ever read.

And in a coaster post, who’da thunk.


It truely is more fun to give, than receive! Nice job!