PF Store shipping costs to Canada

About 200$ of materiel, 169.74$ in shipping.

The only option was
FedEx International Ground®
4 business days

Are there lower tiers of shipping you can enable? Back of a mule, no tracking, etc…

If there are customs after that shipping, and the conversion rate I’m more than doubling the price listed.


Not sure why it is so expensive first time i wanted to buy something from the store it came to around 116$ and the shipping was over 210$ before the imports and duties. So seems that the free shipping for orders over 100 only includes orders in the usa? Either way it has effectively made the store for :proofgrade: useless to me.

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I was wondering what those shipping charges would be. That’s outrageous.

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Bit the bullet this time, I have people who’ll pay me for some of the materiel. Not sure I can keep doing that.

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Oh, and I’m more confident not having to return the materiel that I may just have it shipped to the border and pick it up from there. May just buy enough to last months at a time to warrant the trip.


Aaaaaand it’s been stuck in PERRYSBURG, OH due to missing paperwork. Shipping nearly doubled my costs and it’s not shipping.

"Shipment exception

Improper or missing paperwork - Inadequate descriptions - Contact customer service"

I assume this is a Glowforge problem, that they’ve called them, they’ve not reached out to me, but now I get to call Fedex for something that’s not a standard problem through a robot to see if I can fix it.

There’s going to be a store (they said). You’ll love the store (they said). The prices will be great (they said).

Yup, they didn’t send the commercial invoice with the package. So, god knows how long this will take. I’d sure like to reimbursed for that 4 day shipping I paid for.

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