PG Basswod hardwood and compact filter

New user here. Does anyone know if the the PG Basswood Hardwood sold quickly clogs like plywoods,mdf and draftboard?

Likely not. The glues in MDF, draftboard, and some plywoods (but to a lesser extent), are what causes the problem - they tend to be sticky when burned and the pores in the filter get smaller.

Take that with a grain of salt, I haven’t tested the Basswood specifically. But hardwoods generally don’t clog it as quickly if they don’t have a lot of resin. Padauk is an exception. Basswood’s pretty lightweight and dry though, so it should be pretty good.

Just an FYI in case you hadn’t heard…from Glowforge testing…running the filter for an extended period of time after the cut is finished will help extend the filter life. (Same amount of time as the cutting/engraving, but you can open up the lid and take the cut out once it’s done.)


Thanks Jules. Btw, I’ve read a couple of responses about using prefilters. Do you just lay those over the filter or do you build a jig that from GF to prefiter to compact filter?

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Also check the local grocery store for foam cut to size filters you can wash out. Then use them in a way that tine air goes trough them before the other filters. They don’t hold the air back or get the smallest bits but they do catch the most sticky crud and larger pieces and I think would far extend the life of the expensive filters.



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