PG cherry hardwood needs better inspection before covering!

I ran some parts on the replacement cherry hardwood that I ordered. Right smack in the middle of one side is a huge void. Another part has a hole in it that looks like it was drilled or bored. I had already cleaned up the drop outs before I uncovered the parts, so I can’t even tell you how large the void was.

I am aware of the fact that natural materials have oddities that can show up out of nowhere. I can work around flaws if I know they are there, but this means I will end up having to uncover and inspect every single piece of PG material I buy from you. Y’all need to up your inspection game. The ‘drill hole’ was sideways through the material and would perhaps not been visible, but the void? Should have been obvious. I can work around flaws, but I need to know they are there.

You could easily still sell things like this as seconds, as some people would appreciate both the natural look of the void and a slight discount for the imperfection. Needing to now visually inspect every piece is going to seriously crimp my style when it comes to using PG materials. Not to mention the huge waste of the covering materials - most transfer tapes aren’t amenable to being lifted and put back down.

The cherry hardwood panels seem to have some serious issues. This time they all cut perfectly (thanks!) but the void makes this one less than perfect, which makes me sad.

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, @aproptart.

We’ve followed up to your email, so I’m going to close this thread!