PG grade thicknesses

So looking at the GF shop and of course all the PG hardwood is OOS. and you can’t tell thicknesses. So my simple question is, can you put all 3 dimensions into the description (L x W x H)? And in the meantime, can someone tell me what the PG hardwood thicknesses are? I think I’m gonna have to make my own.

Maple/Walnut/Cherry - .132
Basswood - 128.5

Most of what I have came with the original machine 4 years ago, and I know they have changed vendors at least once.

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There is some variation between individual pieces as it is wood and not machined metal. Even different places on the same piece, or over time as the wood swells or shrinks.

So in general thin is 1/16", medium is 1/8", and thick is 1/4" to be closer a micrometer is a needed tool.

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Thanks, that is what I assumed. But you know what happens when you assume - you inevitably screw yourself.


Thanks. Again brain fog. I have some of my original too. I could have measured it. Not sure I have any thick tho.

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Thanks for the answer @rbtdanforth , that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if you have further questions, please post another topic.

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