PG Leather Experiment

I decided to use the piece of PG leather that came with my GF Plus. I thought about a watch band, but since I swim, I’m better off with the silicone band that came with the watch. Then I thought of earrings. I have a design for teardrop shaped earrings, so I slapped the leather on the grid and got to printing. In under 13 minutes, I had 9 pairs of earrings with enough leather for 3 more pairs.

Boy did that stink!

I will post a pic after I get them on ear wires. My original plan was to wear them to work tomorrow, but they are too stinky! They need a few days to air out.


Drop them into a tupperware with some salt and shake 'em around - it’ll lessen the stink and buff off some of the ash.


Thanks for the tip.


Don’t keep us in suspense! I haven’t experimented with the Proofgrade Leather yet. Pictures please!

Sorry I threw them all out before taking pictures. Not a pretty sight!

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