PG Maple Ply : Finish?


Anyone know if there is a finish applied to the Med Maple Plywood?

I am interested in finding some locally sourced stuff (up here in Canada) but I want to see if it’s the same. Found a source for both side sanded but don’t know if it’s the same and the PG stuff is so nicely finished.


It has a satin clear on it.


Thought so! I’ll order the cut sheets from my supplier and shoot my own satin clear on it



It is almost certainly not the same. Glowforge is working with suppliers to source Proofgrade materials to their specifications for consistency. So even if what you find there is similar, it will not have the quality controls applied. For example, it is quite common for there to be knots or voids in the middle layer with common plywoods.

To directly answer your question, I believe all Proofgrade is currently finished.

None of this is to suggest you can’t use locally-sourced materials. Many people do that. If you search for paper transfer tape, you will find links to good masking material to apply to such to help prevent smoke staining.

Just be sure to have a digital caliper so you can accurately enter the material thickness. Many people will use the Proofgrade settings of a similar material as a base to experiment in finding good settings. Be aware that different lots of non-Proofgrade material may require changes to your settings.


Over the course of two jobs that were 1000 two sided 1-1/2" tokens each, it came clear to me that for production the proofgrade as a time saver really shines.

No voids, no sanding, staining or finishing - and is already masked. The job starts by engraving and cutting the finished pieces.
I will note however that weeding that many pieces, taught me it was much quicker to remove the mask first, and use alcohol as a solvent to clean them instead.

For those of us who have the ability, preparing our own materials can save $. But not everyone can, and even though I could, for a large customer order the time savings is money also.


I am sure it’s not the SAME, but shipping to Canada for heavy sheet goods is very pricey (and I just tried, doesn’t seem that GF can even ship to Canada)

Its more of an issue of wanting a bit more of a nicer finish than just baltic birch.

Thanks guys!


I think it’s likely that they’ll ship Proofgrade to Canada once they officially start shipping machines to Canadian customers.


As @tim1724 said, I suspect they will start shipping to Canada once they start delivering units to Canada–and I would certainly hope that the cost to ship would not be prohibitive.

There are lots of people who are using non-Proofgrade, and there are lots of types of wood that are not available in Proofgrade. And others have mentioned that prefinishing does make some of the cleanup much easier.

I’m sure you’ll be able to make it work :slight_smile:


All PG ply has a finish. If you like/dislike it is up to you. :wink:


Can anyone recommend a specific product that makes a nice coat similar to what we see on the PG maple ply, suitable for application before cutting? There are a lot of options and I have zero idea which ones may be superior. I am also not sure if I should be looking at brushed or sprayed products.

Seems like this is the right sort of thing, but it’s nitrocellulose… which sounds extra flammable!

Do we want polyurethane instead? Like: