PG Maple thinness test


As a quick aside, I decided to do a test to see how PG thin maple holds up to mildly excessive cutting. I took one of Monica’s more complex patterns, and resized it to about 5.5 inches per side (originally a bit over 7 inches).

Once cut, the remaining wood lines are 1.1mm thick (3/64ths inch), and so far it’s proving to be pretty durable. The laser didn’t make it quite all the way through in a few spots, so there are two locations on the back where the piece suffered “tear out” — a plane of weakness in the wood, combined with an incomplete cut, resulted in some of the wood tearing off, almost breaking through the piece.

…which, actually, I consider to be a mildly impressive achievement for wood. With due care (up the power a bit over the PG defaults to guarantee full cutting), I think you could go below 1mm in the maple and still have it hold together.


Looks great! (And I’ve gotten down to 0.75 mm on acrylic. Wouldn’t want to sit on it, but it holds up to normal wear and tear.) :grinning:




How long did that take to cut, please ?
Very, very impressed.


Makes for a very stunning piece!


It took 22 minutes to cut, which was frankly faster than I’d feared!


Did you happen to see this?

I cut it for the same reason, also on the PG maple, and the inner lines are just a hair under 1mm. I thought about using some scraps to try simple test cuts that were even thinner, but that’s as far as I got (thinking about it!)


Was that a vector file or a raster one ?
I’m not familliar with your reference to ‘Monica’s patterns’


Vector; see her “cutting files” on her site:


Thanks Martin - an amazing source that I would be happy to donate to.

(Donate in the sense of paying for !)