PG material failing as well as everything else

I have been fighting with my machine for awhile but tonight is a whole new frustration worse than others. I decided to find my last tiny scrap of PG material (since I know that’s what support will troubleshoot) and see if that would work. It did not.

My lenses are clean, my air assist fan is clean, my rear fan is (just about) clean, my crumb tray is level, I pin EVERYTHING securely.

I was struggling tonight with 1/8" birch where even slowed-down double cuts won’t work. But just to prove issues, here are pics of my PG acrylic. It did not go though.

And since I know support will want to see my lenses:

Also, I know that is not the GOGM but I have just a small amount left in the corner by the QR and I wasn’t sure if I should cut that out.

I just tried the GOGM (just the cuts, not the score or engrave) on the PG acrylic and I was able to punch it through but it took a LOT of force. I didn’t get a good pic or video but I finally found my last draftboard and tried that as well. You can see in this video that it cut, but not very thoroughly and it also took a lot of force to pop out, leaving the edges rough.

Not to address your entire issue, but it’s fine if you cut out the QR sticker. You can just choose the correct material in the drop down menu. It also allows you to use up as much as possible of your PG materials.


Thanks. lol I was avoiding it so that GF support knew for sure that it was proofgrade. I wasn’t sure if there were other ways for them to tell if the machine doesn’t register that code. The opposite corner ended up having some space to try the whole GOGM cut.

I’ve had my GF for over 4 years now and I can’t even count the amount of times when it doesn’t even read that code. I think I’m correct in that the ‘logs’ they look at to help find issues, aren’t even created until after the fan stops and the picture is taken…and that they don’t even look at those QR codes.


I would wait for direction from glowforge.

The current side glowfroge I am helping restore is one that had a fire occur. Leading up to the fire they had the same issue as yours. They tried to increase the power and thats when it caught fire. Even though it was under warranty, glowforge said they would not cover it. I know it sucks to wait on support but I recommend waiting and make sure you have documented any resolution incase it goes wrong.

Besides slowing it down to gain “power”, I am already on FULL for cuts. I definitely watch it like a hawk when things don’t look/cut right.

Depending on how old your machine is/how much you use it - it could actually be getting weaker as it ages (per others on the forum). If that’s the case they can adjust your settings from the back end.

In the meantime - the PG setting for acrylic is full power, so don’t stress so much about messing with speed to get a stronger cut. I’m not sure where you’re at, but dropping it 10% wouldn’t seem unreasonable.

I can see on the piece you ran your test on that your power was a touch too high on the heart (you can see the flashback burns) - were those cut recently, or was that from a while ago?

My machine is 1.5 years old and I’m only using it part time. I do run it quite a bit on weekends but it should not have nearly the hours a full time crafter might have.

The hearts are from last year when I was still learning the machine. However, I would have been using PG settings back then. I never messed with settings until the last 6 months or so.

I’m still waiting to hear from support. I know they help here and through email……I haven’t had a chance to call their new number due to work.

Hello, @shellykelly05 I saw that you had an open email ticket with us so I went ahead and responded to you there with next steps. I look forward to hearing back from you over your email ticket. I will wait to close this forum thread to make sure you received my email. Thank you!

I’ve received and responded to your email yesterday but still haven’t heard back from you. Thanks.

I’m confused, I have not heard anything by email and nothing here either. I do not have a schedule that works to call in. I was hoping to get a proper and prompt response.

Depending on your issue they may be running it up the tech flagpole. They don’t tend to respond until they have new info, so you’ll need to be patient. Even their turnaround for 1st contact has gotten slowed down by the sheer number during this holiday season - so presumably follow-up contact has also gotten slower.

I understand that, but I was contacted once about changing some settings so we could troubleshoot and I confirmed that I got the email and wanted them to go ahead and I’d test on my end…but I never heard back about whether those settings where changed. So I don’t know if those changes were made (cutting is still not going well, though better than before)…

Hello @shellykelly05

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.