PG Materials Orders

Just wanted to say thanks for the FAST shipment of my most recent order – whatever y’all are doing to fix the process is working! I placed my order on 12/4 and came home today to find it had already arrived. Wow! :+1:


Okay… So 1 week for you. And, as I recall, I’m closer than you are. That’s cool. So I might even get my order on Friday. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m 'way over here in WA state, so most everybody is closer than I am!


My wife and I finally decided on what to make family for Christmas this year… All of the nieces and nephews (and a few of their parents) are getting some acrylic cuts and LED bases. We don’t currently have enough bases or acrylic to do them all at the moment, so we’re hoping that the bases (from Johnson) and the acrylic (from Glowforge) arrive in time. With 25 items to cut, I imagine the smell of cut acrylic won’t dissipate until around Christmas 2019. :slight_smile:


I just placed an order last night, so let’s see how long mine takes to get to me out here a little further west than you :wink:


I ordered on the 12/5 and got my delivery on 12/10. I was a little concerned with the recent issues posted on the forum, but looks like at least for the SE it working okay. I ordered from Johnsons plastic too, same day. I expect it today.


Oh, look at that. Just got my shipping notification that it should arrive tomorrow.

That’s ordered on the 9th, arriving on the 13th. EXCELLENT JOB!

For the record, that’s the speed I’ve always experienced from Glowforge. Just that I’ve read a few forum posts lately stating some issues so I was a little worried this time. Looks like they’ve got it all sorted.


While I hear some hyperbole in that, I found that a room air purifier really helped to reduce the smell after a laser project. I bought one on Amazon and run it for 24 hours after a project and the smell is pretty much gone. Without the filter it took several days for the smell to completely dissipate.


Interesting. I think I have one that I haven’t even taken out of the box. Maybe I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

I am going to put another vent in my “window board” so the GF will vent out and that small exhaust fan will pull air out too.

ah fun times this weekend.

it is unsettling to walk into my office to the smell of burning :slight_smile:

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I put an order in on Sunday the 9th and just got notice it shipped. Shipping seems fine to me!

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i do the same. i bought this one last year when it was on sale for $30. i’ve already replaced the filter a few times. but it seems to clear up any lingering smell in a few hours.

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Nice! I placed mine on Friday last week and got it today (Weds). I am really happy with the fast turnaround. There is only one state in between me and TN, so that probably has something to do with it.

Thank you so much for the kind words! It means a lot to the team and I’ll make sure they all get a chance to see it.

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