PG materials

Please advise if all PG material is 20 x 12 inches,I would like to know for International shipping charges.


AFAIK, that’s the largest size available at the moment, but there are smaller pieces of leather, acrylic, and hardwoods as well.

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Leather comes in 5" X 10" and hardwood comes in 6" X 12". Acrylic is 12" X 20" or 5" X 10".

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Hopefully by May/June when I hope to receive my GF that larger sizes of hardwood will be available… why supply smaller sizes of material than the GF can handle?
It would be useful to have access to the PG material prior to the GF arriving for the expected delays in International shipping/Customs and Quarantine etc

Unless you need the entire 12" X 20" piece of material for a particular project, I think smaller sizes are a great idea. I assume the hardwoods are easier to source in the smaller sizes. For US orders, Proofgrade could be ordered once the buyer responded to the email accepting their Glowforge. I don’t know if they plan to do the same with international orders.

Just a lot easier to cut the 20 x 12 into the size you require.

Wouldn’t it be technically easier to have a piece that’s already smaller and not have to cut it? I could be wrong but I always figured not doing something was inherently easier than having to do that something in addition to anything else.

Been a while since I ordered but the box will be larger. Guessing a couple inches on a side but can’t remember. Maybe someone has a box.

The last Proofgrade box I got (which seems typical in size of others I have received) was 13.5”x23”x4.5”.