Pg not working?!

Ok. I am very frustrated. I can’t print and GF support is like non existent. I have been helped by an IG friend. They should hire her.

I have cleaned my lens again. I did all alignments and I am using PG medium basswood hardwood. It will not cut through.

I’ve tried my old materials which I cut tons of things using the same settings. Nothing.

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I really wish you could get some satisfaction from all of the troubleshooting you have done.

Are you currently in touch with Glowforge Support via email? If not, you will need to post in the Problems and Support category to get their attention.


Yes, and I am not happy at all. I feel scammed. That’s the truth.

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You joined these forums many months ago, has your Glowforge been working since then?

It’s Christmas week, which is probably the busiest support week of the year for many businesses.

Why do you feel scammed?

There are some troubleshooting steps you can check out here:


That kerf looks kind of large…when you cleaned it did you put the lens back in correctly? It’s very easy to pop that in upside down.

(The cup side goes up into the bottom of the head. Flat side points towards the bed when in use.)


There’s an arrow engraved on the side of the lens. I understand that indicates this side up, right?

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No, the lens does not have an arrow on it (unless things have changed since I got mine). The tool for inserting and removing the lens has an arrow.

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I think the newer ones might have an arrow, but mine doesn’t either, so I’m not sure.

(Just make sure the flat side is pointing down towards the bed when you put the head back on the carriage.)


They do. But “cup is up” remains the same since day one.


The only problem I have with the phrase “cup is up” is that a lot of people just turn the head over to drop the lens in…and in that case, it’s dead wrong.

So …flat side of the lens pointed at the bed. Or cup pointed away from the bed.

Just to avoid confusion.


My lens have an arrow


Glowforge likes you best. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I have an old machine.


I can vouch, your lens is correct :slight_smile:

Posting the results of the gift of good measure to the problem and support will be the next best step.


Done already!

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