PG Shipping Problems?

I’ve been waiting patiently, but the delay seems a bit extreme.
Tomorrow will be day 14 since I placed my first order for proofgrade materials and I still haven’t even received a shipping notice.
5 days ago I received a response that black acrylic was being removed from my order because it was out of stock. I assumed my shipping notice would follow immediately, but it didn’t.
Is this type of slowness normal for Proofgrade materials?
I placed orders with two other random out-of-state online sources and they were both shipped and delivered within 5 business days.
I would prefer to use the recommended materials when I can, but if I can’t count on them to be shipped in a reasonable amount of time, I really can’t rely on them as a viable source.


14 days does seem a bit extreme. I ordered from them two weeks ago (bunch of acrylic including black). Got shipping confirmation same day, had package 2 days later.

Same here. I ordered on Sept. 18th, I got the same Black Acrylic out of stock, I sent them an e-mail in response and then nothing back from them.

I’m so sorry for the difficulty!

Thanks for letting us know @dmdiener and @tjleasa - I’ve escalated the issues and I see that both of you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.

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