PG warp going from wet to dry climate


OK…dense here (speaking of wood…ha ha)…even if there are two layers in PG ply…and both of them run the same direction, why cannot a second piece of that wood be turned so that the long grain runs perpendicular to the first piece. Sheesh…clear as mud? Maybe I’ve got it all wrong.


It could!

With standard plywood, the alternating direction of the plys in a single sheet would have the same sort of effect. Granted, the more layers there are, the more pronounced the effect: my 3mm BB plywood only has 3 plys, 1mm each. It warps just fine, lol.

The outer plys/veneer of proofgrade are quite thin, however, the bulk of the proofgrade ply being the mdf center section. They don’t have the… uh…directional rigidity to prevent oppositional torsion… ok, I may be making up terms now (@jacobturner Help, my physics vocabulary is…ungood!)

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How’s about the soft chewy center can’t stop it from being bendy?


This one…I like THIS definition the best! And, not surprisingly, I understand it the best, too! Thank you.

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