PG won't cut

I am having an issue with my machine cutting material all the way through. I have followed troubleshooting steps and cleaned and restarted and reconnected and tired to cut the GoGM on PG Draftboard 4 times and it will not cut all the way through. Please help!!!

Not all the way through - OK, so how far does it cut through? Is it close?

no where near close to cutting through. I can’t punch it out.

Did you clean the lens on the left side of the machine? This one is missed sometimes? Just checking. It basically under the left cover of the machine on the gantry.

Yes, I cleaned the lens in the machine, the lenses on the outside of the print head (3), the one inside the print head, the mirror and the camera. I have blown air into the air assist fan to clean it as well as the exhaust fan. I have removed the crumb tray, wiped everything down. I am at a complete loss.

You were care fully to place the lens back in the machine with the correct side up? Also, what is the speed set to when you are cutting PG draftboard?

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I always make sure the arrow is facing the correct way when I put my lens back in, the speed is whatever the proof grade cut is. I actually did a second pass on the gift of good measure for the cut and it still didn’t cut through its like it’s a power issue, circa Scotty on the Enterprise.

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Can you attach some pictures of what the results of the gogm looks like?

Your replies say that “Yer Given Her All She’s Got Capn!” If you slow the cut speed by 20 units will it successfully cut PG all the way through?

I did a second pass on one of the cuts of the gift of good measure and it still didn’t cut through. When I was doing test circles on my 1/4 inch plywood I went all the way down to 135/full 2 passes and it wouldn’t cut through.

Looks like the lens may be scratched or marked. Hard to tell from the photo. It may be reflection.


There are some slight scratches, it was a little scratched when I first received it, and the scratches have gotten progressively worse. There are none in stock.

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve hit this snag. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.