Phantom line issues

Hey does anyone know why this file is engraving a random phantom line. I have checked the file multiple times and even had the person who sold me the file to resend just in case and I still have the line show up. It is not visible as something that will be engraved when I put it in the glowforge app and also not visible on inkscape. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Only thing I can suggest is uploading the file here so someone can check it. Almost guaranteed that the line is in the file, just hidden to you.

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The problem with this is that it is a file purchased from someone and the file should not be shared in a public forum.

Possibly a line hidden underneath the main layer in Inkscape. Open Inkscape and select the entire image. Move it to one side or the other and see if there’s a hidden line under there. :grinning:

Direct message it to a volunteer or two to examine.

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There are many posts in the forum regarding random lines. The common solution, I believe, is to rasterize the file. For lots of information, input “random line” in the search bar.


Yeah, I can’t find it. Maybe convert it to a PDF in Inkscape and try again on a piece of scrap. Can’t try it on the laser right now.

I will try that. Thank you for helping. Ill be on the search for the disappearing line. hahah

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Actually I’m not entirely sure that will convert it. Might have to select Make a Bitmap Copy under the Edit menu in Inkscape, and delete the vector copy. Then save.

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You have two unconnected nodes at each end of each line. Close up that opening and the connecting lines will vanish,

Will not do anything to any place without open nodes :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @andrewsb021, it looks like you have a few great suggestions here to try and figure out this phantom line on your design! I’m going to close this thread for now - if the problem reoccurs, or you can’t seem to figure out where the line is originating from, go ahead and post a new topic or email us at