Phoenix area Cleaner

Hello GF humans … is there a GF Maintenace person in Phoenix, AZ?
I’d like to have my Glowforge Pro cleaned and serviced.
Thank you kindly,
Robyn :o)

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What you cannot do probably should not be done. There is a lot that gets dirty, but not much needs cleaning. It is very easy to damage a connection by rubbing it, and like all electronic magic fluids easily let the magic smoke out.


Thank you!
I’ll look into this further.
I also contacted Technical Support, but I’ve read that they’re not very prompt in help.
… per Murphy’s Law, the issue and my concern happened during my first “order” job :o(

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I don’t think there are any officially authorized repair and clean folks anywhere. At least not yet. It really does require only minimum time and effort to do it yourself…and it won’t cost you a cent in the process.


A specific description of this might get suggestions of how to solve it yourself.

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