Phone Holder

Knocked out a few quick phone holders for recent family trip to Ireland. Made watching movies on the plane a bit easier…and they packed flat.


What a great idea. Something I always struggle with.

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Packing flat is great for travel! Nicely done!

I love the simplicity of your design! Could you possibly share the the SVG File you used to make this? I also travel quite a bit. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum! Just a gentle FYI, it is against forum rules to ask people to share their files. Check the free design section, and you might find something similar that someone has already elected to share.


Thanks for the tip! Noted for next time

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I don’t mind sharing it. I wanted to tweak the slots a bit…fit too tight in my first pieces.
I’ll create a topic in the free designs section.

nice! now for the next challenge… can you make a wooden airhook? I love the thing, but it does not pack flat. If I didn’t already have one, I would work on the design challenge, but alas, laziness prevails and I just bring my airhook on flights like Hawaiian that don’t give me free movies. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community Carlos.

Lots of great information and help here.