Phone stand for 1/8" Baltic birch

I made this for my phone, but it will probably fit many models. The cradle is 12 mm deep, 155 mm tall, and tilted back 15 degrees. The brackets are 50 mm apart, and there is about another 50 mm space under the phone so your charge cable has plenty of room to bend up to the socket.

This will probably hold together as press-fit, but some wood glue is cheap insurance.

phone stand 75mm x 150mm x (1.8 KB)


Well thanks! I really like the sleek design.

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Nice design. Just curious, what was your design software of choice for this project?

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Very pretty, and nice of you to share it! :grinning:

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Thanks so much!!

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Nice! Thank you!

Thanks for this! I found it a little wobbly for a phone stand, but I like it for photos.


I used a box generator web site to make the tabs, and Illustrator to make the rest of the shape.

One you have figured out some tabs and slots that work for your material of choice, it isn’t too much work to push them around and resize them. However, Fusion would probably be the smarter way to make something like this.

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Thank you

The subtle curves are really appealing. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for sharing!