Photo Dump

Hello, all. I’ve had my GF for a couple of months, but I haven’t posted any pictures. I figured I would rectify that.

I started off with these:

Wife wanted one of these:

A buddy who manages a school cafeteria wanted this:

My son is into Five Nights at Freddy’s…so this:

This was engraved on an old cigar box:

Did some things on tiles:


Some Christmas ornaments:

A Christmas gift:

And another gift that was inspired by @adambeckerhafnor :

Thanks for viewing.


Nice. Thanks for sharing.


Gorgeous - I’ve been thinking recently about doing a wood/acrylic piece like your Tatooine one - nice to see how great it can look!


Some very nice work! Glad you posted!

@deirdrebeth Thanks. It was my first foray into using the resin. I didn’t tint it dark enough, so when it set it was pretty light. I went back over each area with a colored sharpie. Also I have to plan better for the frame. Part of the frame is blocking the edges of the clouds on the sides. Practice make perfect, I suppose.

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You’ve been busy! Nice selection of items.

@cynd11 Thank you. I like to tinker with projects that go quickly, so the GF lends itself well to this. My wife and I have been having a blast with it.

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All great stuff!

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:heart_eyes: you had me at the reindeer and snowflakes! beautiful stuff.

Great work! What’s crazy about the map, is TODAY before getting on the forums I thought, I need to do a map of Vvardenfell lol

@ryan.niemer Thanks! I pulled a map off of the net and converted it in Inkscape. It took longer to get it laser ready than I had thought it would. Of course, I’m relatively new to using Inkscape. And apparently I used a good map, because my Stepfather said that Elswere was relatively new. I ended up leaving some of the smaller islands out due to the scale of map I was making. He didn’t seem to mind.

That’s awesome. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a test piece made up this weekend :slight_smile: