Photo engrave on MDF

I’ve noticed a lot of gorgeous photos on MDF in these postings. But I can not find “white MDF” on home depot online and certainly not at my store. is there another name it goes by? thanks………

Try marker board.


I had the same question - @raymondking32 to the rescue:


Ahhhh! Thank you.

I will give it a try!

wow, that is not available at any HD store within 100 miles of me.

good thing I wasn’t all about getting some.


Is marker board the stuff you were referring too? Its what I use and it’s cool stuff.

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yes I have seen that and used it for other things. Actually I need a sheet because I’m about to build the light for my pool table. the white face will face inward and a maple veneer will go on the outside, for the primary skin for the light. it is being made to have the “skins” swappable in the future.


Not available around me either!

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