Photo Engraving of a Friend's Dogs :)

I just got my Glowforge a week or so ago and offered my friends to engrave their photos / ideas for $5 per 5x5" design / photo. Not much, but I’m totally new to laser machines, so I thought it would be mutually beneficial.

Anyways, I’ve been studying up on the best ways to do photo engraving and it looks like it paid off, on this one at least. Took quite a bit of editing (removing the background, sharpening details, lightening up shadows, etc) and testing before I got it right. Lol.

Settings were:

Speed : 600
Power: 30
Grayscale: Vary power
Min Power: 0
Lines Per Inch : 450

Engrave time: 40 minutes



Awwww! Cute pups! :smile:


Nice work. “Prepress” work on the photos really is key. Perfect settings won’t save a crappy file.

(That’s $15 MINIMUM next time.) :wink:


It came out great! I’ll bet they were very happy with the result.


Yeah, I totally agree. I’ve done a few photos and out of those, this one was already pretty good to begin with!

Really nice engraves, cute dogs!

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An adorable photo … and turned into a very nice engraving.

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Great job! I agree, you have to raise your prices :slight_smile:

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