Photo on mirror?

Hey curious as to if anyone has engraved a photo on mirror and how it came out? how do you place/prep the mirror etc… any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you’re talking an actual photograph with shading, it’s unlikely to show up well because engraving a mirror generally just gets you a single colour change.
If you’re just talking about an image - yes - try starting with this search:

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I’ve not done a mirror, but I have done picture frame glass. It is not the best medium for photos, but it turned out all right. I can post a photo of my result when I get a chance–I’m not where I can do that right now.

Shouldn’t really be any whole lot different than any other medium? That’s the point of convert to dots/dithering, to simulate tonality, rather than something like vari-power (which relies on actual shades).

I’d imagine a lower LPI would be better. Like 195 or 225 max. Due to the method of how engraving glass works (micro fractures).

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I’ve done picture frame glass as well as clear acrylic too. Was just curious as the the result and process too with a mirrored finished acrylic.

Yes I mean an actually grayscale photo type thing on the mirror I may give it a shot may not thanks for the input

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Try engraving away the coating on the back. Shoot the backside of the mirror, not the front. The GF will do halftone (varying size/density dots) to achieve shading, like a newspaper photo.


Thanks randy.cohen that’s what I was thinking about doing but with mirror acrylic think it will work same way.