Photo on some wood

I don’t do enough of these, the results are always fun!

Threw a sharpie in there for scale. Sent this to my pseudo dad and he asked if it was a postcard before the sharpie was there :sweat_smile:


With results like this, you really should do more of these.


I’m 65 years old, and the first time I saw laser art was probably 30 years ago. I was flabbergasted, and ever since it had been a fantasy. How cool is that ability? :sunglasses: Nice work.


Super nice job on that—even captured the pattern on the robe.


Absolutely amazing and beautiful. What type of wood did you use?


White board from home depot? Looks great


Great job and congrats!


If you zoom in, the detail is insane! I was watching as it was doing that part and it was so cool to see happening.

Wenning was right, I used this stuff from Home Depot

Exceptional turn out!

I was using Convert to Dots to do my photo engraves, but I recently received a notice that the laser was not properly calibrated when shipped and my settings would be updated. Ever since, Convert to Dots just doesn’t look the same to me.

What type of settings did you use for this?

Great job. I need to get back to doing photos.

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I’ve found that if I’m using regular hardwood or plywood, I can get more detail out of the SD Engrave setting, but when I use this whiteboard stuff, the convert to dots is better. One of the downsides I’ve noticed while using this natural is that there’s a very fine line between grays, so having a gray be slightly darker can yield a much different look, but that isn’t the case, at least not as drastically, using regular plywood or hardwood. I also increase the LPI on all of my photos, just to give it that tight detail.

Thanks for the info. I will look a little more into the settings I have been using and see if I can apply this.