Photo printer speeds

I am printing photos on ceramic tile and have power set at 30 and speed set at 250. It takes about a hour to print a tile. I would like to decrease the print time by adjusting speed and power and maintain quality. Does anyone have any suggestions as to the ratio of power and speed that I can use to realized faster prints while keeping quality?

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I have never used anything less than full power for ceramic tile. I am curious as to how you decided on 30? Also, I don’t do photos, but for other engraves on ceramic tile I use 1000.

This is not an issue for Glowforge support so I will move it to an area of the forum where we can discuss settings for non Proofgrade materials.


THANK YOU dklgood, I sorry I failed to mention that I am engraving painted tiles. It’s called the Norton White Tile Method.

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Yeah those are the settings I use as well. I doubt you can speed things up much unless you sacrifice quality by lowering the lpi.


THANK YOU beerfaced, Not what I wanted to hear, was hoping against hope someone knew and answer. Didn’t want to lose quality for speed. I may try different power and speed setting to see how it comes out. Keep Smiling Grover

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Hi @woodgc. I’m happy to see that you’ve gotten some helpful information from other members in this thread. Because ceramic tiles are not support Proofgrade material, I’d like to move this to the Beyond the Manual section of the Community to keep the thread open for any further tips or advice to help you out. Note that advice in this section is unsupported and is not reviewed by Glowforge. Thank you!

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