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Office Space. Now go watch it!



Jennifer Aniston and Ron Livingston. Hilarious but the language is rough. Like… _really _rough.

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Glad you got the red to work for the stapler! :rofl:

Now she’s just going to jump to a conclusion about it,


Dude! That’s got to be the next tile!

There is a enamel paint product for metal stamping that might be easier to use over a large area than a marker. (which we use those too for metal stamping)>>
You can also get this at Michaels and some Hobby Lobbys. You clean up with a paper towel or a Magic Eraser.
Not sure if this would help- but thought I would throw it out there. Vintaj also makes some colors as well. Has anyone used alcohol inks?

No…you’re not! :roll_eyes:

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Tritto! :smile:


Sounds like we all know what the Friday night entertainment needs to be at the first annual Glow-Con!

:movie_camera: :popcorn:


The squirrels were merry. Not married.

Jack (not Christine)

There are quite a few memes with staying power. It’s well worth watching. I think Milton and the stapler, TPS reports and PMITA are the top, but it is well worth a debate. I think it is especially dear to IT folks.

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hey peter-man… watch your …

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Anyone have a case of the Mondays?



Just finished watching “Office Space” classic!!!


I think of all the memes, the flair scenes were significant for me. I never thought about it, but once I saw the movie, I started seeing it everyone. Then I remembered the vests that the CB radio folks used to wear during the craze.

The funny thing is that every occupation or group has its identity markers. We laugh at the clerks and hostesses, but our own tribe’s flair is just as ridiculous to any outsider. I even managed to fit it into a homily once about the difference between devotion and piety as mere virtue signals rather than true worship.


the flair was totally a slam on TGI Fridays.