Photo Upload Test

I got my GF a couple days ago, and one of the main reasons I wanted one so badly was the ability to upload and engrave photos. To my surprise, it was actually so much easier than I had originally anticipated!!!
Yes, I’ll admit; having a design ninja for a wife did not hurt. But putting a box around a photo in Illistrator is something that even a non-designer such as myself can do with ease.
After creating an engrave and cut layer, this was as simple as upload, press Ready and then push the button (which in my opinion is probably the coolest part to using my GF)

I put some photos of the before and after product but thanks to the community peeps for all the help so far and amazing posts! I can’t stop reading and learning!!!


And you’ve got such cute subject matter! Great job! :smiley:


Such an adorable young man! The engraving looks great!

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Yeah, I’d say you nailed it!

Great detail!

What an adorable photo! Thanks for sharing the experience of your first engraving.