Photograv for photo prep

I use a software package called Photograv to prep images for engraving on the laser cutter. It’s got a library of materials they test and tweak the algorithms to work on and suggest the initial parameter for speed & power to use when doing the engrave. It does all of the dithering and contrast adjustments, etc that I used to do by hand in one pass so I don’t need to play with the image much. I end up getting a good print the first time more often than not but almost never taking more than a couple to get spot on.

Is anyone else using it? How will this fit into the workflow of prepping images for GF or will it be a redundant process step I’ll be able to skip from now on (well at least from once I get my GF)?


I have been looking into PhotoGrav and would love to know how it will interact with the Glowforge as well. Anybody got info?