Photoshoot Sign in 15 Minutes!

My wife planned a family Photoshoot for this afternoon to celebrate our son turning two.
I got home early so I’d have enough time to make myself look pretty, iron the outfits she chose for all of us and head out the door.
Last second, she springs on me that we need a cute sign that says “Two” or “2 Years” so everyone knows the photos are for his second birthday. We are supposed to leave in 20 minutes. So, I run to my computer and 15 minutes later, we leave with the following sign.
I’m so happy I have a Glowforge!

Could you guys imagine having to print this on regular paper and cutting it out by hand? I’ll never do that again.


Wait a minute…you iron? :no_mouth:


Now that she knows you can knock things out so easily … You may be in trouble!


*snort *

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Yay for the win!