Piano music holder (cheap material caution)

Made this from a free design I found randomly. There were several issues with the original design that I had to fix first, bit it came out pretty well…at first.

Yes, that is 30" wide, so i had to split the design into 3 pieces.

But this is a cautionary tale about using cheap material. Below, This is typical of the cheap stuff i bought from Home Depot. This is the back side. Notice how I had to bust out the cuts in 2 particular straight lines. It’s where the glue is a bit thicker and so the laser doesn’t cut through. The solution would be 2 passes, but on 2nd pass you scorch the front a bit, so you have to mask it. But that’s better than ruining an 11"x30" cut

This will work fine for Halloween though. :slight_smile:


Well, I think you are the only one who will see the flaw (I couldn’t find it). They both look great!

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I don’t see anything wrong, but I’ve been running into this glue issue with a batch of birch ply I got cheap, too. In my case, it will not cut through no matter how many passes and I end up using an exacto knife to fix it. Not ideal.

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It’s always a bad feeling when pieces won’t pop out after a cut…


Great job and piecing, I see no defect. The bigger problem is when you hit an interior knot. I have had to heavily sand the back side of pieces to get them to the cut line. if the piece is an interior the does not show OK, but I have had to discard a few pieces completely losing time and material.