Picked mine up at UPS just now. Upside down and ripped box

I haven’t looked inside yet, I’m still clearing out a spot in my office as we speak. It looks ok on the inside. But it was obviously upside down and someone tried to use that hole as a handle. I’ll know in a few hours.



OUCH! I hope everyting is okay once you get unpacked.


Yeesh, that’s stressful. I hope all is well on the inside.

I hope it is safe! Mine is supposed to be on it’s way. I am planning on picking it up at UPS in hopes that one less time handling it, will make it more likely to be in one piece. I will have to go with my son, Tesla Model S, or fiance’ with a long Prius wagon in order for it to fit inside! That’s ok because I can’t lift it on my own anyway. :wink:

It’s the shape of the box and the weight distribution that make it weird to carry on your own. I can carry the 80lbs, but the handles are on the bottom ends. Also, the top of the box “slides off”.

This was obviously a seasonal worker. She had on street clothes and a UPS vest.

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Good luck – hopefully everything is ok. Also, love the bumper sticker and license plate.

Mine was also delivered this way, but it seemed to survive the experience.

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Everything was fine. Got everything setup and a few burns in. I also used the GlowForge.

Merry Christmas! Mine took 769 days from when I ordered it. I can’t believe it’s here! It’s much larger than I could picture. It’s also pretty loud! Not sure how many late night burns I can do with this at that volume.


Let us know how it looks once you open it. (like I reallly needed to say that)

Seeing your seats flipped up kinda makes me miss my Element!


I like the vanity plate. :smile:


I was thinking the same thing on the plate. So glad that it is working for you @tonybarnhill. Despite the box damage.