Pics of Chapelcon


Items on display.

Myself and friends that shared booth.

What I worked on to pass the time.

Cosplayers. Saitama(one punch man, top row) and Fry(futurama) bought from me.


Looks like a lot of fun! (The dice boxes are very pretty with the engraved acrylic panels.) :grinning:


Look at all those boxes and other laser work on the table. Most excellent work! Any questions from passers-by at your booth?


Wow. Those acrylic-faced boxes are really something! Are they hinged? Have you shared that process and I missed it? I understand if you don’t want to, but if you’d like to I’d definitely be interested in seeing the entire build. Looks so great!


I had shown pics of the boxes a week or so ago… Perhaps a regular can link it?