Picture frame holder

It’s still a work in progress but I’ve made a picture frame holder. This is the 3rd iteration (the first one was an epic fail, and the second one had just a minor flaw).

The slots are just a touch wobbly and I need to decrease the height and increase the length at the bottom, but I’m pretty pleased with it. Never thought I could build anything - I know this is as simple as it gets but I had full-on doubt that I could even do something like this. Now that that’s no longer the case look out LOL!


Plenty of people don’t have the skills to do that, and are paying for simple designs. Good work!


I have a rather large trial and error section in my laser scraps lol, all part of the process. good work sleek design :slight_smile:


There have been a number of easel designs of all shapes and sizes, skimming those posts might give you some inspiration.

Here’s my teeny tiny one:


I searched here before I got started, then just winged it in Illustrator - LOL!

That design is adorable!


Winging it is one of the best ways to learn. Just messing around in Illustrator, trying new things, occasionally referencing the Adobe tutorials pages; I’ve learned a lot outside of my classes.

A true sign of a good designer is already knowing how to make it better. You’re doing great C:


Awww thanks! This has definitely been a confidence builder for me, and now I can’t seem to stop thinking about what I’m going to be “winging” next! :slight_smile:

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