Picture status

I was wonder My , just like most, during the build of the GF UNITS CAN THEY ALSO ATTACH a photo of the progress for all of us waiting for the units? Pictures are worth a thousand word​:smile::+1:t2:. Whatcha think Dan?

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I’d be curious to see pictures of a GF during assembly process ( ie the skeleton then the frame, then the electronics…). I realize this couldn’t really done due to engineering and assembly secrets, but it would interesting to see. Or just , again out of curiousity, how long does it take from the start of the assembly line to the complete into the box GF? (Albeit they are(will be?) all tested/fired before final boxing I believe)…:wrench:

Unfortunately showing the innards of a Glowforge would be revealing some technological secrets that we’d rather not have other folks in the industry know. Ditto the assembly time, which - believe it or not - is a big deal to know. :slight_smile:


Kind of figured as much. Appreciate the reply!

Definately understandable. Is this something that will not be possible even after delivery? Just curious.

Maybe Dan will send out 5 golden tickets… ( Winners can see the oompah loompahs assembling our forges). :smiley:


Soooooo, take the pictures and then blur them completely out like “nudes” so that nothing “inappropriate” is seen. :smiley:

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So in other words, it’s filled with magic, rainbows & happiness. Works for me!


I’m sure that’s what we’ll see in December or March ( or earlier !! )


And run by unicorns.


And powered by a flowing river of liquid chocolate!!


It’s the: "Oh, (Insert your name), I’d love to tell you. But then of course, I’d have to kill you. Lol

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The waterfall is the secret, mixes it up.


i just recently learned that they used real chocolate on set. apparently it smelled horrible by the end.

Wow, I had no idea.

I bet lol