Piece feel apart

Any ideas how to.put this back together?

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You can’t. They’ll send you new wheels though.


Great. So I just contact them I guess?

Or they will see this and then respond I assume

Yes, posting here opens a support ticket.


I would love to order a spare set of these wheels in case this happens to our machine. Is that possible?

You would need to open your own ticket, by posting in P&S, or emailing directly.


If you have black wheels… "He chose wisely".

It leaves me wondering about the stresses on the wheels. I would guess the mating angles are off, the material is not suited for the stress encountered or a combination of the two.
In most modern CAD design software, you can introduce a load to stress and see the weaknesses reflected in gradient color. Voodoo from my perspective. Yeah, I’ve been around that long, when you had to make the damn thing and push it to failure to evaluate it, and see where the line is.


I’m sorry to see that one of your wheels has broken. I see that we’ve been in touch via email about getting a replacement to you, so I’m going to close this thread.