Piece-meal Upgrade

Only problem here is I can’t afford the pro in one bite. A limited Lay-Away plan may coax people like me who have a very limited disposable income to upgrade with less pain. Just a thought.


love this idea

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it’s a good business idea, though not necessarily great for end users. i feel like this probably ends up being a lot of effort for a company to implement and track (what do you do with the inevitable accounts that pay $450 and then disappear). you’d be better off setting up a savings account at your bank that auto deducts $10/week from your checking account, or similar.


I miss read I thought it was piece meal as in be able to order the parts to upgrade your machine be it optics or cooling. I tottaly glassed over lay away … ya not a fan of lay away


Like you said. that is a lot of money and I’m not convinced you’re missing out on much with the pro. The power and speed would be nice but unless you’re going into business then sit back and enjoy the extra sip of coffee. Even the extra cooling probably isn’t an issue for you.

The pass-thru isn’t big enough to really matter since it won’t take 1/2 inch lumber and I don’t see where you’ve been all that constrained using your PRU.

But we both know that need and want have little to do with each other :slight_smile:


I appreciate the suggestion! I’ll make sure the right team gets it.

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