Pile of plaques


I am on a committee for a fundraising event. It’s pretty important to me. Not anything staggeringly beautiful to put in the silent auction; but I do have some thank-you notes for sponsors and donors.
In a variety of sizes and depths depending on the wood in my stacks.


Fantastic idea! No doubt the donors will proudly display these plaques. I think they’ll love them!


Very kind of you to make these. It’s always good to say thank you! What a nice way to do that!


What a wonderful idea! The personalization must have taken forever, but it turned out great! :grinning:


wow! That is a sincere expression of gratitude. Lots of time designing and lots of time printing them out. Very Nice.


Exactly the kind of thing I plan on making. People really appreciate that kind of thing.

I also make pens, and whenever I make a pen for somebody as a thank you, they are just thrilled.



Those are VERY nice. That was a lot of time for you, too…but then using a laser is so much fun!